Care Wear Products

Healthcare Robes Fashioned The Right Way

Your patients have needs and we want to give you the design control so you can meet your performance goals.

Customize Any Garment

Modern Design

Every garment starts with a basic structure that provides warmth and modesty but can be customized as much or little as you like.

Custom Design for Custom Comfort

Every patient needs something different, depending on their situation. Work with our designers to find a solution that is created by you but fits your patient's needs.

Synthetic yarns with special DNA

Patented Properties

Our unique fabrics are key for comfort and long-lasting durability, quality and remarkable chemical properties.

Innovative Fabrics

Our polyester and cotton blends are designed for breathability, warmth, comfort and moisture wicking.

These garments are designed to last.

Built to Last

From the first stitch to the last, these garments are designed to withstand stress, temperature, and commerical washing.

Construction Lives Forever

Our garments meet rigorous standards by going through a quality control testing process that insures durability.

Designed to Fit Your Population

Accessories and Color

You have the ability to add special features and design options, including adding your logo, name,  placement of pocket, and color.

Adding Pick Ports

Keep your patients comfortable and stress-free. Give your health-care providers easy access to IV’s and sensitive areas.

M Health
Product Example

Making Patient Care a Priority

The Univeristy of Minnesota's M Health designed a robe that providers could give patients again and again, without ever lessening the quality and durability of fabric.

Health Partners System
Product Example

Making Patient Care a Priority

Park Nicollet and Regions Hospitals designed a new mammography gown that dramatically increased patient satisfaction through comfort, softness and security.